Student Registration

Fees and Payment Information

  • EXTERNALLY EXAMINED PROFESSIONAL STRUCTURED LEVEL – Professional Structured Level Undergraduate Programmes

Full Time & Part Time Studies:

Please Contact The Office First Before Making A Payment To BCGI

Payment Of Fees By Applicants

To Join BCGI, interested applicant has to pay the full tuition fee as per the registered programme.

Instalment Plan

There is an Instalment plan that is available to locally registered students.

  1. 1.) An applicant pays the registration fee and deposit to join BCGI.
  2. 2.) Once the registration fee and deposit is paid the individual applicant could begin the admission process, fill the required forms, submit the required documents and could seek the confirmation of his/her admission.
  3. 3.) If the admission is successful, the registered student could choose the monthly instalment plan arrangement, which should all be paid before the commencement of external examination.
  4. 4.) All payments are made directly at the Bank. BCGI shall issue students deposit slips for onward payment at the Bank.
  5. 5.) BCGI staff and team do not handle cash. Registered students should make time to be at the Institute’s Bank within its operating time.
  6. 6.) BCGI issues receipts to students for all paid up deposits.

Sponsored Students

BCGI acknowledges payments received from students’ sponsors, by issuing a confirmation letter and a receipt.

Administrative Service Charge

This is a compulsory payment, well explained to students during orientation, parents, guardians and sponsors. It has a due date and a deadline for payment.

  • Administrative Service Charge is paid by all registered externally examined Diploma Groupos and all Three (3)Year Graduate Diploma (Professional Structured Level) Groups ie Advanced Diploma- Year 1, Higher Diploma – Year 2, Graduate Diploma – Year 3.
  • It can be fully paid before the due date or when due. It can also be paid in instalment terms towards the due date in addition to the tuition fee instalments by locally registered students. All that a locally registered student should do, is to manage his or her account so that by the due date, the full payment has been made.

Books & Modules

Teaching and learning materials are provided by BCGI, but if a student wants to purchase a book/ books, he / she could do so by paying directly at the bank, to BCGI’s account for books. However the Institutes Library is stocked with prescribed books. Ordered books are issued to students on acknowledging full payment.

Online Payment &Amp; EFT Transfer Payments

Registered students, sponsors and guardians shall be provided with BCGI’s Banking details, upon making an official request for such facility and service.

Where Online or EFT transfers are made the Institute shall request for a proof of payment for the tracing of the transfer and the issuing of receipt respectively.

Distance Learning Studies Payment

Interested applicants should ask for the Institute’s Bank Account to make online payment or EFT transfer.

Payment of the full tuition fee including Administrative Service Charge should be made. If a distance learning applicant chooses the Instalment Plan option then he/ she has to adhere to the monthly due dates and deadlines, as communicated to them through email by BCGI.

Access to BCGI online Distance learning information is possible on full payment of tuition fees or if payment is by Instalment plan, pay the first instalment, as stated in the issued prospectus, in addition to the registration and deposit made, followed by subsequent timely monthly payments.

A registered Distance Learning student will be automatically prevented by our system from accessing course work when in arrears and the account is overdue, even if a day after the due date. The account can only be activated on payment.

Registered Distance learning students would be formally informed on payment modalities, how to access course materials, how to establish assignments and tests outcomes, how to prepare for external examination and accessing external examination.

Payments: International Short Term Programmes &Amp; International Students For Diploma &Amp; Professional Programmes- Three (3) Year Graduate Diploma

Payment of Tuition Fees by International Organisations, International Participants and International Students is made by an EFT transfer to BCGI’s Bank Account.

Bank Account details shall be formally communicated to our client for onward processing and payment.

BCGI’s banking details is released to successful participants, sponsored organisations, and students. It is also stated in an invoice for payment.

International Short Term Programme Tuition Fees Includes The Following:


BCGI also gives surprising deserving gifts to Participants and Corporate, on completion of studies.

The fee for International Short Term programmes is very reasonable and affordable, depending on the number of participants sent by an Organisation. This is to enable an organisation use the opportunity to train as many employees as possible.