BCGI is committed to meeting the expectations of its clients and satisfying the requirements of each of our stakeholders and the wider community. The quality service offered by the institute covers external examined professional programmes that are run and taught by the institute. The institute continuously record, monitor and critically review all activities at all times to improve performance.

The Institute collects, analyses, and use relevant information for the effective management of the programmes it offers on behalf of external examination bodies through periodic internal interventions.

Programme Design & Review

Before a programme(s) or course(s) is/are introduced or offered a needs assessment is carried out on students and stakeholders on behalf of collaborated external examination bodies. This is done to determine the relevance of the programme(s).

The information gathered is then forwarded to examination bodies for consideration which eventually helps to start the programme(s). There are further relevance checks while the programme is ongoing to fine tune, review and implement corrective measures, in the delivery process, deemed necessary.

Course descriptions and information on course contents are developed by the awarding external examination bodies and made available to the institute, subject to collective periodic reviews

Clear and Comprehensive Programme Development and Design:

BCGI’s Programmes are externally developed and designed by awarding examination bodies, in meeting the working expectations of employers and the working community. The institute engages only on programmes that are deemed relevant to the working community. The examination bodies develop and design programmes based on valid and reliable input from BCGI.

Programme Delivery & Implementation

BCGI ensures that both lecturers and students follow approved curricula, identifies delivery challenges, addresses concerns, manages responses, and ensures that proper assessment mechanisms are in place and followed.

There are periodic reviews and visits by external examination bodies to touch base on the realities on the ground in terms of programme adaptation, delivery and assessment reviews, address curricula concerns, address delivery challenges, and arrange meetings.

Programme Outcomes


  • Ensures programmes offered are aligned to overall Mission and Vision
  • Ensures programmes offered address Industrial Development Needs
  • Ensures that programmes offered are relevant to the working community and employers.

Periodic International Peer Reviews of Curricula

Awarding external examination bodies always update their curricula to make sure that they are in line with latest global developments. Updates are received prior to programme changes for consideration and informing students in advance. This process allows the institute to have its own input in the programme design, review and onward implementation.

Relevance & Quality of Programmes to Work

Programmes offered Address Industrial Development Needs

BCGI programmes are very relevant to the working dictates of employers and industries. The collaborated examination bodies periodic review of core contents ensures that learning modules match the working needs of workers ie training students for existing available jobs and not only equipping them with required skills but enhancing their overall performance at work. The offered programmes enable graduates to secure employment placements and promotions in various sectors of the corporate world. BCGI’s follow-up mechanism enables the Institute to quantify and justify its contribution towards national development.

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